Puppy's due 19/3

Very exiting combination.

( DKCH Lanbur's Cafe Macchiato, Scentini The Aviator, Brialey Aussie Maid)

The Pups were born 19/3-2022

There were 3 females and 1 male. Unfortenately ind og the females didden't make it.

All the Pups are tri color. The weight goes from 386-335 g.  

Absolut Beagle's Heartbreaker Harry 7 uger

Absolut Beagle's Heartbreaker Holly 7 uger

Puppy`s Due 9/3-2022

We are so exiting about this litter 

(Scentini The Aviator and Briarley Aussie Maid)

Pups were born 8/3-2022

A fine litter of 3 males and 3 females. 

Unfortenately we lost one of the males when he was  born.

All pups are tricolor.

Absolut Beagle Glorius Gimli

5 Weeks

Absolut Beagle's Glorius Gilbert 

5 weeks

Absolut Beagle's Glorius Gaia

5 weeks

Absolut Beagle's Glorius Gloria
5 weeks

Absolut Beagle's Glorius Gabby 

5 weeks


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